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True…and Andrew Barclay provided a winding engine for The Sydney Harbour Coal Co. Ltd. in 1914.

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But there was a coal mine called Balmain Colliery at Birchgrove, deepest in Australia at 880m reportedly.


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Just before the closure of the system, I participated in a tour of the operation in action.   Somewhere I have a number of b&w photos.   I will attempt to locate them.
The Ball’s Head plant was like a petrol station.   It received the coal from Newcastle into temporary storage, and then onsold it to coal-fired ships requiring fuel.   I have a vague recollection that the late Ken McCarthy wrote it up, with illustrations – but in which publication, I forget … was it, unusually, in “Trolley Wire”?
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Interesting discussion.
I've sailed past it a hundred times but never given much thought to what it actually is (maybe paying more attention to wind and other boats racing). So what was the purpose of the Balls Head Coal Loader?
Clearly there isn't coal mine there so it must have been a staging post, but from where and to where? And if it was loading onto ships, why load there and not directly from Hexham (et al) like the 60 Milers? How was it UNloaded into storage there in the first place?
As I said ... interesting.


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