Re: Greenbat locos (LR 242)

John Browning

> Adrian Booth's IRS book 'Greenwood & Batley Locomotives 1927-1980' appears not to have an entry for 2374, but shows 2375 and 2376/1951 to Lake View &

> Star Ltd., Western Australia.  However, it does show 2724 and 2725/1956 as Central Norseman Gold Corporation, Western Australia, per William Adams, Perth.
> Have you found additional information that amends Adrian's list, or (easy to do) simply confused 2724-5 with 2374-5?
> Best wishes, Richard



Yes, apologies. I don’t know how that happened.

Richard is quite correct. It should be 2724 and 2725 for Central Norsseman.

I copied down those details incorrectly, confusing myself and others.





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