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Adrian Booth's IRS book 'Greenwood & Batley Locomotives 1927-1980' appears not to have an entry for 2374, but shows 2375 and 2376/1951 to Lake View & Star Ltd., Western Australia.  However, it does show 2724 and 2725/1956 as Central Norseman Gold Corporation, Western Australia, per William Adams, Perth.

Have you found additional information that amends Adrian's list, or (easy to do) simply confused 2724-5 with 2374-5?

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Thanks for the Central Norseman information from 1953, David
I have the following battery locomotives listed for this company. They don’t fully add up to the figures quoted.
1988/1939 – 5½ hp trammer,
3548/1953 – Type AX 20hp. (I’m doubtful about this one as it is marked as 2ft gauge, not 1ft 6in. )
5232 & 5233/1940 Type 7604T 14hp
Colin Harvey discovered correspondence dated 15 April 1943 from John Carruthers & Co in Sydney to the Victoria State Electricity Commission as follows “Enclose particulars of Goodman Type 7604T storage battery locomotive of which the Central Norseman Gold Corporation are desirous of disposing. This locomotive is perfectly new and has only been run on the works track for testing purposes. It is complete with two Edison 80-A.8 batteries, one running and one spare.” (VPRS 8892/P1, Units 353 and 354).
See also for a photo of one of these locomotives from the Clyde Engineering collection.
Greenbat 5hp trammers (agent William Adams & Co)
1832/1950, 2196/1948, 2397/1952, 2439/1952, 2374 & 2375/1956, 2810 & 2811/1957
This does not add up to the eight that the company said it had in service in 1953. Perhaps the balance came from a closed mine elsewhere. One possibility might be the Triton gold mine, which had six 1ft 6in gauge Greenbats and closed in 1947.
Gemco (could be single or multiple units supplied in each case, and others could have come earlier than 1973)
5 tonne - 1973
8 tonne - 1975
6 tonne – 1981, 1982 & 1983
1½ tonne – 1981 & 1987
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