Re: Greenbat locos (LR 242)


I can't answer this question (and there were another six G&B locos built from 1952 to 1957), but wonder if anyone knows what loco or locos predated the G&Bs, for The West Australian of 11 Feb 1947 reported an accident on the No.20 level involving a locomotive.

Richard Horne

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I was going through the table of Greenbat locos in LR 242 and noticed something odd. Contract 82326, works No 2196 of 1948 and contract 82559, works No 1832 of 1950 were both supplied to Central Norseman Gold Corporation, but No 1832 seems to be out of order compared to all the rest so I was wondering if it is a typo.
Does anyone have access to the original book to check the data?

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