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neville conder

Must be the only railway where the conductor checks your ticket and sells alcohol. Needed it when I went to Elsfelder Talmuhle as it was raining and cold and they had the steam heating on and it was early September last year. I thought that section was better than the Brocken but Brocken would look great in the snow. On the trip from Alexisbad to Quedlinburg we had the iconic 2-6-2 pulling the train. A very well run railway. One off the bucket list but would be good to see in the snow.
Neville Conder

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Many thanks for sharing these images via the LRRSA Group. I have enjoyed them immensely and I envy your opportunity to experience this wonderful operation first-hand.


Bob McKillop

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Happy New Year!

Greetings from the United Kingdom.

Over Christmas I travelled to Germany via train to visit the metre-gauge Harzer Schmalspurbahnen.

I liked it so much I rode it twice on two separate days. Their articulated 2-10-2 locomotives are amazing. There was also a Mallet locomotive built in 1898 by Arn Jung in steam.

On the second day I caught a train to the top of the Brocken. Sadly there was no snow this year but it was zero degrees C on the top and when you add the wind-chill factor it felt much colder.

I have uploaded a collection of images to Flickr.

Going even further off-topic, pages 3 and 4 of the album show the modern trains (and a tram) used to get to Germany, travel around the Harz, and get back to the UK.

Take a look if you are interested.

Kind regards for 2016.

Michael Chapman

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