Re: OFF TOPIC German narrow gauge

Eddie Oliver

On 3/01/2016 08:02, Frank Stamford frank.stamford@... [LRRSA] wrote:
It depends on what your definition of "articulated" is, I think.
If you consider "articulated" to mean separate frames, as in Garratt, Meyer, Hagans, Fairlie, Mallet etc, then the Harz 2-10-2Ts are not articulated.

That is surely what is normally meant by the term.

If you consider "articulated" to mean not having a rigid wheelbase, then the Harz 2-10-2Ts are articulated, the first and fifth driving axles are allowed some radial movement.

Is that a customary usage? It would never occur to me to use the word with such a meaning.

Origin of articulate

Classical Latin articulatus, past participle of articulare, to separate into joints, utter distinctly

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