Cane train derails after hitting fishing boat on tracks in Cairns

Bill Bolton

"An MSF Sugar cane train was travelling alongside Redbank Road at
Packers Camp, south of Cairns, when it hit a fishing boat at a road
crossing about 1.25pm today.

It is understood a ute, towing the fishing boat, was crossing the
train line when the cane train hit the boat.

An MSF Sugar spokesman said the cane train had been hauling 32 empty
bins to a harvesting contractor from MSF Sugar's Mulgrave Mill at

He said the train was damaged and will be taken back to the Mulgrave
Mill, roughly eight kilometres south of the crash site.

MSF Sugar were conducting an internal investigation.

Queensland Ambulance Service confirmed no one was injured."

[There are some photos on the web link below]



Bill Bolton
Sydney, Australia

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