Photographs from Walhalla

Michael C.

Dear all,
I am slowly working my way through my collection of Australian photos and have just finished uploading a collection from the Walhalla Goldfields Railway to Flickr.
The WGR is an awesome railway with a constant 1 in 30 gradient; the steepest part is 1 in 28! It has back-to-back two chain radius curves meaning it has the sharpest bends on any railway in Australia. The railway presents a constant challenge to the train crew as the rails are usually wet and more often than not covered in leaves.
I'm told the WGR carries 32 thousand passengers per year making it the second busiest tourist railway in Victoria after Puffing Billy.
You may be aware the WGR is now twinned with the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway in the UK.
The images show the station at Thomson and then take you on a return journey from Walhalla; then you get some views of the train in the landscape; then I was offered a footplate ride! 
These photos are quite good too:
Michael Chapman

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