Re: : Plates at Melbourne Benevolent Asylum

Phil Rickard

Thanks Bob,

What I'm enquirying about was a plateway-type of track we believe the asylum used, probably along an internal road that was subject to heavy road traffic. 
The contractor's steam-powered construction tramway (2ft-ga) was totally separate, from Cheltenham station, for the duration of construction.  And also not to be confused with the asylum's internal electric tramway from the kitchens to the main building. And also not to be confused with the 5ft 3in gauge private line that the asylum wanted to build from Cheltenham station, before the 2ft-gauge line was built! (the VR killed off the private line by demanding very high connection costs at Cheltenham goods yard.)

So, apart from all those lines, the asylum bought some surplus Bochum Union road plates to supplement some old type plateway channel plates they had previously bought. The big question is: What did they do with them?  Thanks for the tip - I'll try and find the group to which you refer.



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