Re: : Rutways and Plateways in Australia

Phil Rickard

Many thanks to everyone who responded to Jim's plateway request. 

On a similar theme, but narrowing it down to a particular type of plateway plate, can anyone add to the following list of known users of Bochum Union "road rails" (plates) in Australasia?
Shire of Moorabbin - Centre Dandenong Road
Cook County Council (NZ) - Gisborne
SA Govt - Port Road;
SA Govt - Seven Roads to Edithburgh

These plates, superior to the existing English plates, were introduced to A/Asia by Lohmanns in 1907, and their use was cut short by the Great War. Some surplus plates were sold to the Melbourne Benevolent Asylum (in Cheltenham) in 1915 - can anyone shed any light as to what the asylum did with them?

Lohmanns claimed that many miles of Bochum Union (Bochumer Verein) plates were laid down in Germany. Does anyone have access to a Bochum Union catalogue of c.1905 - 10 and advise what they were called in German?  Asking Dr Google for the German equiv of "road rails" has proved useless! We would be interested in knowing where in Germany they were used so we can search for a photo etc . . .

many thanks 

Phil Rickard

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