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Kevin Sewell

There was a very short plate way just a few km from Sydney City. I was the Scout Leader at Longueville Sea Scouts in the 1980's. We had a plate way through the the boat shed and down into the water to launch sailing boats. It was made of steel right angled "rail" and steel flat trolley wheels. While it was a monumental pain in the arse as the wheels were a bit big so it easily jumped the "rails" it was a legacy system that had been there since Noah played scrum-half for South Cairo. It was well outside our ability/resources to replace with a more modern system.
Sadly, the hall burnt down in the late 90's and everything was destroyed, including the boats, the ramp ... and the plate way.

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There was a plateway in Moorabbin which is etched in my mind as while monitoring works in its vicinity Council accidently uncovered a major gas main which caused some excitement. I have a report on it in my files somewhere.




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Hi guys


Probably neither form of these light railways was common in Australia. Can anyone nominate any examples, no matter how obscure or short, of either?


Jim Longworth


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