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Tony Coen

Much of the convict tramways in the Tasman Peninsula area of Tas. were plateways – flat wooden wheels running on flanged wooden tracks. The wagons were referred to as carts!


The number and extent of these “rail roads” were quite large and the further I look, the more muddled their history becomes. The lines that I know were of this type were chiefly the Norfolk Bay to Long Bay Line (which carried passengers), track from Port Arthur Wharf to somewhere west of the town and the extensive system (including self-acting haulages) at the Coal Mines near Saltwater River. I’m still working on their research and hope to print something eventually.




            Tony Coen.


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Hi guys


Probably neither form of these light railways was common in Australia. Can anyone nominate any examples, no matter how obscure or short, of either?


Jim Longworth

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