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Sam Laybutt

I visited Joadja last year - definitely a must visit if you are interested in rail and industrial heritage. 
I didn't get to visit the incline unfortunately as it was quite late by the time we finished looking around - did you take any photos Chris?

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They are open a few times a year, see





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Thanks for the report Chris,


The Narrow Gauge Convention at Bowral finished with a tour of Joadja, but inclement weather meant any option for an unguided stroll around was not able to be taken. Certainly something to look out for. How often do they have open days?




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The owners of Joadja had an open day today so I went for a visit as I’d never been before. The tour costs $18 and you ride around on trailers behind a 4WD. At some points you can get off and look around, at others they just stop and talk about the location. After the official tour I asked about climbing to the top of the rail incline and this was OK after a short safety talk and signing an injury waiver. I didn’t go up the incline, I went up another track that goes to a small coal mine then I climbed to the top and inspected the remains of the winding gear for the incline, then I came down the incline which was quite hard as the surface is loose and easy to slip on so it was safer to zig-zag across the incline rather than going straight down. Then I went to look at the piers of the rail bridge over the creek as, although you can see them from the tour, you don’t get close to them. There is only one intact concrete pier on the eastern bank, there is another lying down close to the water, and what looks like an overgrown abutment on the western side.





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