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A puzzle … at the start of your photos, the cab and bunker of the Climax are full, really full, of firewood timber.   However, at the end of your photos, this fuel supply does not appear to have diminished.   Was it all for show?!


No, it wasn't. The last of the photographs were taken at Lakeside, before the sun had completely set. The train still had to do its return journey. By the time the train got back to Menzies Creek all that very visible wood had gone, there was enough left to get the loco and two open NQR passenger trucks back to Emerald, where the Climax lives.

There was quite a lot of discussion during the planning of this event as to whether the loco would be able to carry enough wood for the whole trip, and thought was given to picking up an NQR truck of wood at Emerald.

It was quite interesting comparing this year's event with last years. The load was considerably heavier, with about 90 passengers, 3 canopied NQR passenger trucks, 2 open NQR passenger trucks, and two NC vans. The reason there were two NC vans was to provide shelter for passengers from the open NQR trucks in the event of rain. The railway is so busy these days that no more canopied NQR trucks were available. 

Anyway, on the return from Lakeside to Emerald, on a steadily rising 1 in 40 grade, last year the loco made great pace all the way, (probably around 8 mph). This year it started out that way but before it had got to Nobelius station the pace had slowed considerably, and by the time it got to the Emerald-Beaconsfield road crossing it was obviously struggling. Shortly after this crossing the train came to a complete stop, and took ten or more minutes to raise steam again. There was then some wheel slip in getting the train started again, as it was raining. There is quite an art to firing the locomotive, it is not easy, and they had two firemen. As the locomotive does not come out to often there is not a lot of opportunity to learn the art of firing in all conditions.

The arrival back at Menzies Creek was about 12 minutes late I think. The weather was not cold, but there was rain at various times. Those of us who prefer the open NQR trucks scurried off to the NC vans at various times in both directions, when rain occurred.

Everybody seemed to be very happy with the event when we arrived back at Menzies Creek.

All being well, the next outing with the Climax locomotive on a public trip is likely to be 16 April next year.



Ps:   Excellent “comprehensive coverage as we have all come to “expect” from your camera!


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On Saturday 10th October I was privileged to travel on the Puffing Billy Railway and be hauled by the Climax locomotive numbered 1694.


I also got to meet lots of names from the LRRSA and PBPS.


It was a great evening and Puffing Billy and the Climax committee should be congratulated for arranging such a great evening of entertainment.


The food at Lakeside was really good too!


I have uploaded some images from the evening to Flickr.





Michael Chapman


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