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A puzzle … at the start of your photos, the cab and bunker of the Climax are full, really full, of firewood timber.   However, at the end of your photos, this fuel supply does not appear to have diminished.   Was it all for show?!


Ps:   Excellent “comprehensive coverage as we have all come to “expect” from your camera!


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On Saturday 10th October I was privileged to travel on the Puffing Billy Railway and be hauled by the Climax locomotive numbered 1694.


I also got to meet lots of names from the LRRSA and PBPS.


It was a great evening and Puffing Billy and the Climax committee should be congratulated for arranging such a great evening of entertainment.


The food at Lakeside was really good too!


I have uploaded some images from the evening to Flickr.





Michael Chapman


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