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Michael C.

Hi Brian,
If built, the Portmadoc, Beddgelert & South Snowdon Railway would have been electrified with overhead wires and the associated catenary.
The discussion on the WHR e-group concerned a hypothetical question as to what would have happened if an electrified PBSSR had crossed over the (presumably electrified) Cambrian / Great Western Railway standard gauge branch in what is now Porthmadog.
I pointed out this was a regular occurrence and pointed people to the Flickr album showing the trams crossing the Metro / PTV tracks Melbourne.
Hope this helps.
Michael Chapman.

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Going completely off-topic here, but on the Welsh Highland Railway Yahoo! Group they were talking about what would have happened if an electrified Portmadoc Beddgelert & South Snowdon Railway had been built over the standard gauge Cambrian Railway / GWR in Porthmadog. This led to me publishing the following album on Flickr.

Sorry but I don't see what these photos have to do with the PB&SS line! Or did you give us the wrong web address?

Brian Rumary

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