Re: Bonalbo - was: Ballina


Expanding the original subject slightly to discuss the Bonalbo construction  ….  

A Construction Siding for the proposed line was actually laid in, and when works ceased, part was retained for loading rock.   Even at this later stage, it was still known as the “Bonalbo Construction Siding”, although when inspected and photographed in January 1992, there was no longer a nameboard evidencing same.

Attached are a couple of my photos from that time.   Only sufficient of the Siding was retained for the loading of rocks … how far the line continued under the grass is not known as apparently I did not investigate further.   Perhaps Eddie did?!




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On 2015-10-02 10:12, Eddie Oliver wrote:

The book is detailing the history of the plans to build the railway from
Casino to Bonalbo, including discussion and photos of the earthworks
that were actually constructed for a considerable distance (to
Mummulgum, roughly half way?)


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