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Bruce Wood

Hi Eddie,
Thank-you for your comments – very much appreciated.
It is interesting that Bonalbo features in a book with this title. I would not like to walk from Bonalbo to the closest standard gauge railway! (The drive takes long enough!)
It would be nice if the supporting pictures could have been larger! 
Thanks again

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> I will be up that way in a few weeks. Your recommendations in three
> weeks, rather than three years would be very helpful!

I looked last night at the bigger book that has both Ballina and
Bonalbo, but have not actually read it. It is much more substantial than
most such documents, because it has been prepared from a broad history
viewpoint rather than just the 'rail history' (the author points out
that he is not a 'rail buff'). It does however contain most of the
information that might be expected in a rail history, although I did not
see much about operations (but timetables and suchlike are presented,
and the line did not last long enough for there to be much variation
operationally). Photos are presented typically four to a page on single
pages rather than being integrated with the text; they are fairly
plentiful except for a lack of photos of actual operations, but most are
very small (two inches by one inch or thereabouts) and therefore
challenge the viewer's ability to see detail in such sizes. All photos
are black and white, including the ones of what remains in recent times.

So I think it is a worthy production in its frame of reference, and I
look forward to actually reading it even though I suspect I may skim
over much of the 'social history'.

I still think that there was some other recent publication concentrating
on what now remains of the Ballina line. As Kevin has suggested it may
be in ARH or something similar (maybe Digest).

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