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neville conder

My brother moved to Alstonville last year and sent me both books knowing my historical interest in railways. 'Forgotten Railways of the Northern Rivers' covers the same information as in 'Out of Puff' and the Casino-Tenterfield Line. I read them but can't remember much about the text.

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Hi Eddie,
I will be up that way in a few weeks. Your recommendations in three weeks, rather than three years would be very helpful!
The books aren’t very expensive, however do they have information and photos that has previously been unpublished? Local historical societies can sometimes be a good source of material, not commonly available through normal railway groups.
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It appears that the author has many other books, including: Out of Puff – The Ballina Train
Does anyone own any of these author’s books, who can provide a reference on the quality?

I have checked my stacks of unread books, and confirm that I have both of them. I have moved them to the top of the highest priority stack. I therefore may be able to answer your question within about three years.

I now vaguely recall ordering them direct from the Alstonville society a few years ago.

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