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Bruce Wood

Hi Peter,
Thank-you for sharing your work.
I was keen to see the information on the former Ballina branch, however something is going wrong when I open the links. The file names suggest the files are 3MB. The files I am opening are about 107 – 133 KB. When I magnify the map, the pixelation loses all clarity.
Am I doing something wrong? All your previous maps, I have magnified, have all had very good definition.

Sent: Thursday, October 01, 2015 11:40 AM
Subject: [LRRSA] Ballina

I managed to scan the Ballina rail route maps at Murwillumbah Library recently. The Ballina end is from a 1942 map and most of the other end from a 1976 map with map names and scales on each. Some might be interested in this long closed NSWGR line.


Ballina end (3MB) Ballina-1942-3MB.jpg


Booyang end (4MB)    Lismore 1976 extract.jpg 



Peter Cokley


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