Irvinebank mining tramways


The route of the Stannary Hills and Irvinebank mining tramways Nth QLD can be traced on the QSA Item ID 619133 topographical map scale 1.253 440 Atherton Tablelands1944. Other Nth QLD QR and tramway lines are also on this map including Dimbulah, Silkwood, Cairns, Ravenshoe and part of the Mt Molloy line. Downloadable from my Google Drive and courtesy QLD State Archives Runcorn 

QSA Item ID 619133 scale 1.253 440 Atherton Tablelands1944.jpg


Dr Ruth Kerr’s (5MB file size) Irvinebank, Mining Community and Centre of an Empire "God Bless John Moffat” PDF 


Peter Cokley

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