Re: Geeveston/Hopetoun electric loco

Tony Coen

Thank you, James, for providing the photo. of Huon at Geeveston. That’s certainly cleared up one aspect.
My apologies about the loco. being tested at Hobart Roundhouse. I didn’t get confused – wrote it in a rush without really checking!
Greg’s. submission about the electric loco. being at Hastings is plausible. I’ve been looking at a few photos. taken at Hastings at different eras, trying to spot overhead, but found nothing. My inclination is that the loco. was trialled for a destination out of Tas., as Eddie has suggested. Again, with tongue in cheek, I’ve not seen nor heard of 3’6” electric locos., other than the Baldwin, at Waratah, Richard, but it’s a possibility not to ignore.

Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2015 8:50 AM
Subject: [LRRSA] Re: Geeveston/Hopetoun electric loco

Thanks for the extra info. Seems to be bugger all info about on what was a pretty substantial railway. Tony mention no known photos of locos on the wharf at Geeveston. This one has appeared recently.
Tony also mentioned testing of a Cornwall Coal Ruston in Hobart yard.
I think this is a Day?

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