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The Cornwall Coal Co loco at Hobart loco depot was built by Days, apparently in 1943.  The Hobart agent for Gardner had a Gardner diesel engine fitted in 1950 and, as the photo shows, it managed to pull TGR Q8 onto the turntable at Hobart loco depot.  See LR 184 and 186.

The Cornwall Coal Co's 3'6" gauge Ruston & Hornsby was 279571/1949, second-hand from the Marine Board of Burnie.

Richard Horne

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Thanks for the extra info. Seems to be bugger all info about on what was a pretty substantial railway. Tony mention no known photos of locos on the wharf at Geeveston. This one has appeared recently.

Tony also mentioned testing of a Cornwall Coal Ruston in Hobart yard. 
I think this is a Day?

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