Re: : Re: Re: Geeveston/Hopetoun electric loco

Phil Rickard

Great picture! 

A couple of clues from the Hobart papers – The Mercury 25 Oct 1905 (and for six or so weeks afterwards) carried a Russell Allport advert saying they were the sole agents for Tasmania for Allgemeine Electric Company, Berlin “Manufacturers of . . . . . Electric Mining Locomotives . . . .”.  

Four years later the Daily Post, 3 Aug 1909 carried a lengthy report on Russell Allport’s engineering business. After mentioning some of his steam locomotives the reporter moved on to the Electrical Department, “ . . some years ago two electric locomotives were designed and built on the premises, and have been working successfully ever since.”

I note that preceding the mentioned picture on Flickr, there are two others taken at the Allport workshops showing an (identical?) electric locomotive being built.

All of which makes one wonder if the loco depicted has AEC equipment on an Allport frame and superstructure. Probably shown on trial, seems to be of 3ft 6in-gauge; so what Tasmanian enterprise of that gauge needed two electric overhead-wire locos c.1905 and still had them four years later?

cheers   Phil Rickard

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