Re: Geeveston/Hopetoun electric loco

Tony Coen

That’s an interesting concept, John. Russell Allport’s works were located in Salamanca Place in those days (right on the waterfront). Hobart had a 3’6” electric tramway system, but no doubt, the voltage was probably much different. Nevertheless, something could have been arranged, one would think, even in the Hobart Loco. Yards, where a Cornwall Ruston engine was trialled at one stage. Other than that, there wasn’t anything with power nearby.
The chain couplings give the game away in reference to the scene being a trial run, hence my supposition.
If more of the vessel tied up in the background was apparent, one could put a circa date on the picture.
I also agree with Peter about the collation of outcomes from these types of images that spring up from time to time.

Sent: Tuesday, September 22, 2015 9:10 AM
Subject: [LRRSA] Re: Geeveston/Hopetoun electric loco

The chain coupling looks to be unsatisfactory. You would expect them to use bar couplings.

The clothes suggest to me a date around 1914?

Interesting idea that it might have been on trial.

Was there any closer location to the Russell Allport works where a temporary overhead might have been rigged up?

If the customer was not Huon Timber Co, then who could it have been?


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