Sons of Gwalia 20" Gauge Railway

Chris Sundstrom

Can anyone point me in the direction of any drawings that may have been published of the wagons used on the Sons of Gwalia 20" gauge firewood tram? I have the drawings of the locomotive published in Light Railways. Any help for good books or periodical articles covering the railway would also be appreciated; I have the "Early Woodlines" book, but there is no mention of these lines.

The rolling stock appears to universally be based upon a common design with modifications to suit the role. There are some similarities to stock J. Fowler & Company designs, but I have no confirmation of the provenance of the cars. It is possible they were assembled in Australia from parts kits, or manufactured entirely in Australia.

If anyone has detail photographs of the surviving cars (beyond the images in the Rail Heritage WA archive) I would be interested to receive digital copies.

Thank you for your help!


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