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Sam Laybutt

Awesome - more thanks Peter. These are very handy (as was the Mt Lindesay map). 

The deviation from South Murwillumbah to beyond Stokers Siding was started in the late 1930s but put on hold over WW2 (which would explain why it appears on the Murwillumbah 1942 map as an unsealed road). The deviation was opened to traffic in 1954 and fully sealed by the end of 1955. The bridge at the southern end (over Dunbible Creek) was built some years earlier but the railway overpass wasn't built until this time, if I remember correctly. 

The highway over the Burringbar Range itself (Stokers Siding to Burringbar) was rebuilt during the 1930s, substantially on a new alignment but close to the existing road. I have walked parts of the original road which are still intact. Once work on this section was completed (1938 iirc), work began on the Stokers Siding to South Murwillumbah deviation.

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Murwillumbah 1942 (File size 11 MB) that I merged from A3 scans at Murwillumbah library Murwillumbah-1942-merged-web.jpg  

This should in theory be the adjoining map to the previously posted Mt Lindsay 1944 map. The map to the immediate north in theory is the Springbrook c1930 I posted here a couple of years ago (6MB) Springbrook c1930 JOL 696803-label-sml.jpg  

Thanks Sam for your kind words! Any definite clues when the highway went over the Burringbar range with the bridge over the rail in south Murwillumbah instead of the old highway route through Dunbible marked with a Pacific Highway level crossing just south of the Dunbible station on early rail documents?

Peter Cokley

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Thanks Peter - have been trying to track down a similar map to confirm that ferry location for a while!
Also just wanted to say great work on the research and I always appreciate your posts. 

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