Re: : Cudgen sugar mill


Seems the tramway from the Tweed River wharf at what is now called Chinderah to the Cudgen Mill did not exactly follow the present road in its 1942 route but the tramway was more to the ocean side. The tramway was shown on the Tweed Heads 1931 map but not on the Norries Head 1942 map so I merged them. Cudgen Mill site is marked by the former mill chimney used as a trig point east of the school. The 1942 road is now present day Crescent St through the Cudgen village area and the replacement 1980s built main road goes through the general mill site.  Both maps courtesy Richmond Tweed Regional Library. 

No tramways eg Fraser and Joubert, marked north of the river although the jetties are marked in interesting places. Also reveals the Chinderah Pacific Highway cross river ferry was not near Barneys Point thus not near the present bridge. The northern side is marked by Old Ferry Rd. 

Tweed Heads 1931 map Tweed-Heads-1931-merged.jpg


Barry, thanks for the Crabbes Creek map!!

Peter Cokley

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