Re: : Coolangatta airport tramway 1939


The 1939 quarry has been confirmed as the Miles St quarry now the site of the electrical substation. Family members used to ride bikes around the many bush tracks between Binda Ave and the airport in the 1970s. As the area is very flat and thus no need for tramway earthworks such as cuttings, any of the tracks could have been the tramway route as the border fence along Binya Ave was removed in the urban area December 1958. The far side of Binya Ave is the state border around there so family bike riders rode regardless of state borders. The area between the Border Park trotting track now greyhound track and Miles St on Binya Ave is all developed so no tramway remnants there. North of the race track was heavily sand mined thus I suspect no 1939 tramway remnants there either. The Southern Cross university site south of the airport was the military holiday camp site from about the very early 1960s so was bulldozed by then.  The Border Park raceway area was established 1965 and was previously part of a sand mining lease.   

Sources: Winter Peter, “Look Back”, Daily News 22SEPT 1988; Miles St Quarry site 1938, Tweed Heads Historical Society, “Look Back” Vol7 P.27; Border Park raceway data.

Peter Cokley

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