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The Crabbes Creek sugar area is marked on the Norries 1942 map although the tramway is not marked. The Murwillumbah 1976 map only went as far south as 28 22’30” and east to 153 30’00” so not as far south as Crabbes Creek. 

Thanks Bruce for your kind words! The topic has fascinated me and when I discovered the maps were in the Murwillumbah library which now allows A3 scanning to memory stick, I took the opportunity to scan them when down there last week. Not sure if other LRRSA yahoogroup members also have the maps.

Garner, not sure about where Jimmy Barnes " Working Class Man " was filmed.

Peter Cokley

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Hi Peter and all,
Peter - fantastic research – I enjoy reading through what you have uncovered. Having a look at this map in detail, there does not appear to be any reference to the Crabbes Creek tramway? Can anyone else see it, (am I going blind?), or offer a suggestion on why it is not recorded? I forget off-hand exactly the year it ceased operation, however I would have thought the track work would have still been in place in 1974 / 1976?
Best regards
Bruce Wood 

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