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Bruce Wood

Hi Peter and all,
Peter - fantastic research – I enjoy reading through what you have uncovered.
Having a look at this map in detail, there does not appear to be any reference to the Crabbes Creek tramway? Can anyone else see it, (am I going blind?), or offer a suggestion on why it is not recorded?
I forget off-hand exactly the year it ceased operation, however I would have thought the track work would have still been in place in 1974 / 1976?
Best regards
Bruce Wood

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Subject: [LRRSA] Cudgen sugar mill

The Norries Head 1942 topographical map (extract)  is part of my investigation of the site of the Cudgen sugar mill.

I marked the Cudgen Public School and the present day Crescent Street which was the main road north to the Tweed River up to about the mid 1980s. The sugar mill chimney is marked as a trig point (160 ft high) east of the school and under the name Cudgen. This chimney was destroyed in 1962. The present day main road (Tweed Coast Rd) goes through the general sugar mill site. 

The mineral sands tramway is shown on the coast to the south. Part of the map was also in Jim Longworth ‘s “The titanium tramway at Cudgen” in Light Railways 207, June 2009. Map from the Murwillumbah branch of the Richmond Tweed Regional Library. I scanned as A3 and merged.

There will be a follow up post with the tramway routes via 1974 and 1976 topographical maps.


Peter Cokley

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“The titanium tramway at Cudgen” is described in Light Railways 207 (June 2009). The article includes a section of a 1942 topographic map on page 4 which marks the location of a chimney on the eastern edge of Cudgen. The chimney, presumably at the site of the old sugar mill, would have been approximately 150 metres north of the intersection of (what is now) Cudgen Road and the Tweed Coast Road, on land now occupied by the road alignment between the intersection and Chinderah. Within Cudgen there is a housing development adjacent to this area, accessed by John Robb Way.

Scott Jesser 

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