Re: : Climax Locomotive Twylight Outing 10 October 2015

Roderick Smith

Highly recommended.  I copped a lot of flak for reporting the disaster of the first of the trio.  PBPS's president gave me a conciliatory free pass, which I did use for one of the two major 'Young Sun' commemorative days.  I copped a lot of flak for commenting about the awkward times for the second of the trio.  The nightrider bus home did work, and I would have used it again for this third of the trio, but I'll be in Bosnia, chasing surviving industrial steam (two gauges) there.  See Linesiding with John Raby


 Hence: book for this fundraiser for a great cause; catch up with long-standing and new friends of light railways and industrial steam; enjoy the plentiful catering; head home by nightrider.

Roderick B Smith

Transport analyst

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