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Frank Stamford

Hello Rod,

Light Railway News No.2 Feb 1978 carried the item below, I can find no other references in LRN and doubt that it would have made it into LR:

TOORONGO VALLEY RAILWAY, Toorongo Falls Road, Noojee, Vic. 260 mm gauge

This line has been built as a Tourist Attraction and is approximately 1.5 km in length at present, with a possible extension of 10 km in mind for the future. The line’s first loco is a scale model of a VR ‘W’ class built by Miersch Engineering Co. Ltd, of Heidelberg. Consideration is being given to the construction of a ‘B’ class locomotive as well as a 2-8-2 or 4-6-2 steam loco and passenger cars. The line is open-every weekend and public holiday to anyone interested in railways.

(Diamond Rails, 5, 6)


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IIRC there was a miniature established at/near Noojee perhaps 30 years ago.
I am not finding anything on it fast, but it would have appeared in LR.
Any clues?
Roderick B Smith
Transport analyst

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