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Michael J

The VR also considered a passenger Garratt - a double pacific. I also understand BP complained they were constantly preparing Garratt proposals at some expence for Australian railways which came to naught. I wonder if a VR "type" Garratt would have been a good idea. When railways interfered in the design process to bring in their "special" features, the result was often less than sucessful. I'm thinking of the LMS Garratts as an example (And the TGR K class, for that matter).

Re Cudgewa the original NG proposals in 1895 included three different lines radiating out of Tallangatta. Just think of the stock specials coming down from the high country, behind a G class Garratt!


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Just to 'broaden' the horizon a bit, the Victorian Railways planned on
having broad gauge garretts as well as the two NG ones.

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