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John Peterson

Yes; being able to look at the pictures helps. The description has many of features and rationale of the Forney but seems a weird development of the original when you see the pictures as Frank points out.  


Forney's patent is 53406; wasn't able to get anything on line but someone in the US must have or know about the original patent.


Frank, you might be interested in the Finnish picture:



John P

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Really interesting Frank; wondering why the idea didn't catch on more. Calthorp developed a whole railway system based on an axle load of 5 tones for India but didn't use this idea for his steam locos.


The patent [dated 1882] for Forney's loco is here:


That is a patent for a different kind of Forney locomotive - a (very strange) type of which I do not know of any built examples. I think the Forney patent for the type of locomotives used on the New York elevated railways dates from 1865 or 1866.



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