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Thanks for posting this item. We were aware at ARHSnsw that this award was in the pipeline; much deserved for a life-long dedication to railways and their heritage.


Bob McKillop


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Mr Peter Hutton NEVE, Junee NSW 2663

For service to the preservation of Australian rail heritage.

Co-founder, New South Wales Railway Clubs Association, 1956.

Founding Editor, The Railway News Magazine for the New South Wales School Railway Clubs Association, since 1956.

Instigator, Railway Digest magazine, Australian Railway Historical Society, (NSW), 1963 and Voluntary Sub-editor, 1963-1980.

Contributor, articles and photographs and peer reviewer, Australian Railway History journal, Australian Railway Historical Society (NSW), and other publications, 'over many years'. Heritage Officer, State Rail Authority of New South Wales, 1993-1999.

Founder, Weavering Rail Heritage Consultancy, 1999.

Supervisor, Railway Heritage Store, Redfern, Office of Rail Heritage (NSW), 1999-2011.

Memberships include:

·        Member, Australian Railway Historical Society (NSW), since 1955 and honorary Life Member, since 1980.

·        Member, New South Wales Rail Transport Museum (Transport Heritage NSW), since 1962.

·        Member, Puffing Billy Preservation Society, since 1962.

·        Member, South Pacific Electric Railway-Sydney Tramway Museum, since 1964.

·        Member, Light Railway Research Society of Australia, since 1966.

Employee, Department of Railways, Government of New South Wales, 1959-1999.



John Browning




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