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Michael C.

Also, mile-long embankment know as The Cob in Porthmadog, North Wales was constructed using a three foot gauge tramway and quarried rock was tipped into the sea.

See the illustration at the top of this page.

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Q. Does anyone know of  a situation where a narrow gauge maintenance 
railway or tramway ran along the top of the levee so that rocks, etc 
could be dumped into the river to help protect the levee from the action 
of the river. ???

I think that the US Corps of Engineers (who do most of the levee work in the US) had a fleet of small steam locos for such work. As to whether they ran lines actually along the top of the levee is not certain, but it seems the most logical way of doing tipping of earth.

There is also a government body in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany that had a fleet of narrow gauge diesels for repair and building of flood protection banks ("levees") along the coast. Holland also seems a likely country to have had such railways, seeing how much work they have done on dikes over the years. Building up and repairing banks along rivers was also common along rivers like the Rhein and Danube - there was a system of narrow gauge railways along the Upper Rhein where it formed the border between Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Austria.

Brian Rumary

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