Re: Cobdogla Bagnall


G’Day Rod,
If its our Bagnall, I only know of it being underwater twice, once at Glenelg and the other time during the 1956 flood. I will have to speak to Jackson who is also a member of Cobby.

Sent: Saturday, May 16, 2015 1:37 PM
Subject: [LRRSA] Cobdogla Bagnall

Here is an interesting compilation by the webmaster and newsletter editor for PS 'Industry' (based in Renmark).  He covers also the local Cobdogla steam museum, and much general river history.  I don't know if the many aspects of this loco's life have been grouped in LR before.  He drew on 'Little coastal railways' and 'Irrigation settlement', then added Trove material for which he now had cues.  I thought that this was an open-access facebook group.  If the link persists in being unavailable, I will email him direct and suggest that he sends the material to the LR editor direct.  The essence of the compilation was that the loco had been underwater four times.



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