Kevin Crosado

Hello folks, calling folks

Since we're doing the introduction thing, here's my bit.

I got interested in industrial railways playing with Heislers, O&Ks, Hudswells etc at the Museum of Transport & Technology in Auckland, NZ, as a spotty teenager in the 1970s. Time spent wandering around coal mines in the days when you could do such things was also a major influence, as was buying a house just down the road from the late Peter Hodge. Working for the big(ish) railway for 20 years tended to subdue my enthusiasm somewhat, but I've been a member of LRRSA since the 80s. Since escaping from the rail company at the end of the last millenium I've again become interested in historical research and modelling.

Modelling-wise my main interest is coal mine trams in 1:34 scale, but I also occasionally dabble in 1:43 scale. Unfortunately, being self- employed, spare time for such things generally seems to be in short supply.


Kevin Crosado
De Selby Research

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