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I have a note (not now sure where from) that the three 3 ft gauge locos were named DULCE, JACK and ARCHIE and passed in 1935 to Stanley River Works Board, Somerset Dam construction, with DULCE sold on in 1949 to Mr Boone, a sawmiller at Mt Hatton.  Not used and scrapped.

Apparently there were also a number of Fordson-engined 0-4-0PM locos used at Wyangala, at least one of which went to NSW WC&IC Upper Burrinjuck Dam construction in 1937-38 and then in 1957 to NSW SEC Burrinjuck No.1 Power Station.  It is said to be preserved at the Burrinjuck Dam visitor centre.

Very happy to be corrected, receive confirmation or additional information.

Richard Horne

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Back on June 26.2008 Bob McKillop, in a reply to a question about a Burrinjuck Dam hopper wagon said:
 “Three Armstrong-Holland rail tractors and hopper
wagons were transferred from the Wyangala Dam site to Burrinjuck for use on
this project. I understand that one of the rail tractors is still at
Burrinjuck, although this may not be currently on public display.”

While researching the construction of Somerset Dam, near Brisbane, I came across a photo of an Armstrong Holland loco in the Queensland Library’s collection that someone has captioned as “Substation, Compressor Plant and Workshop’s 12 ton Diesel Loco …” and dated 8.4.37

While following that trail of that loco I came across a discussion back in 2004 on Railpage where someone suggested that the three Armstrong Holland locos from Wyangala Dam went from there to a dam construction “near Brisbane” and were subsequently scrapped.

Can anyone offer some suggestion as to which is the more likely scenario? I’m not sure that anyone would describe the loco in the photo as a “rail tractor’; even before I saw the caption the loco looked like a hefty little beast and not what I would have thought of as a “rail tractor”

Thanks in advance

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