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To enlarge on the subject of South Australian jetty railways: I have a list of jetties dated 1915 and virtually all railways were 3' 6" gauge.  However, wharves served by SAR 5' 3" gauge railways were also 5' 3" gauge (Victor Harbor, Port Adelaide, Outer Harbour, Murray Bridge and Goolwa).  For some reason, Port MacDonnell and Robe jetties were also 5' 3" gauge, while Cape de Couedic, Glenelg and Semaphore were 2' 6" gauge and Yankalilla (Normanville) was 4' 0" gauge.  It should be noted that Glenleg had earlier used 5' 3" gauge when the line was connected to the railway and Semaphore had an intermediate period also using 5' 3" gauge.  The trolley pole electric railway cranes on the very edge of Murray Bridge wharf were 3' 0" gauge.

The almost universal gauge of 3' 6" allowed a standard design of jetty truck to be used and I attach my drawing of this, based on an original large drawing from the South Australian Engineer-in-Chief's Office, dated 1882.  You may have noticed this style of truck in use in many jetties, in photos, up to the 1960s (and doubtless more recently).

The Marine Board commenced in 1881, becoming the South Australian Harbors (sic) Board in 1913, which in turn became the Department of Marine & Harbors in 1966.  I wouldn't be surprised if it has changed again since then.

Richard Horne

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    What is the verdict of the gauge for this one? Milang ~1870 (ie predating the 1600 mm gauge railway).

    Milang, suposedly 1922, but I guess ~1910:

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