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Kevin Sewell

The best thing about Nearmap was that it was mostly fairly current. Sometimes photos were updated only months apart. The problem with SIX USED to be that it was years out of date. Last time I looked (in the last few months) it showed the land behind my place as it was about 8 years ago. I just had a look at it and the current aerial photo seems to be about 4 months old, so that is excellent. Even Leppington Railway Station is shown ... with tracks! I'm sure someone here will be able to look at their home or area they are familiar with and pin down something that they can see that can more accurately date the photo. Of course, that is not to say the whole state gets done on the same day, and probably not even all Sydney gets/got done on the same day.

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Hi all,
This might be old news, however for those who haven't heard Google
Earth Pro is now free:
Don't fill in the form, use the download link in the orange box. License

There is also the NSW government maps/aerial photos viewer:
Far better than Google Earth on my brief comparisons, as good as NearMap
by memory.
Which also contains a range of 1943 aerial photographs of Sydney, check
under Basemaps menu.

Mark K


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