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David Axup

“Spirit of Salts” no longer exists.



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Could rail transport on the Puffing Billy railway for a small group of people be provided by charter of the Postal Motor which was as I remember numbered  NK1 (aka Spirit of Salts) ? I recall this motor being turned in the forecourt of Wangaratta station.


At that time 14A was not in steam as it was not the day for the weekly goods train to Whitfield.


I have also ridden from Targoora to Wangaratta on one of NK1’s predecessors, a standard ganger’s quadricycle with a trailer loaded with mail bags and other miscellaneous small items .


Noel Reed.


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I (and others) now have to choose between Emerald bailout, or Nightrider. 

or going as a passenger in someone else's car, or getting a taxi with some of these 'others' to share the cost.

Why do you think Puffing Billy should have to adjust its schedules for the small proportion of the population that has no transport of their own, cannot/won't get lifts with other people, and won't use taxis? And if it did, it would potentially create yet another problem if there are delays and the last train is missed - would you then expect that they should provide transport for you?

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