Re: Off-topic. Photos of the Ffestiniog Railway on Flickr


On 26/01/2015 21:49, chapmanmchapman@... [LRRSA] wrote:
Dear all,
I have uploaded another collection of photographs to Flickr showing the recent history of the FR.
The images are from May 2010 and show the Quirks & Curiosities gala, Lyd's first fire, the C2, vertical boilered locos, Britomart, a Landrover, a Model A Ford and even a lifeboat etc.

Very interesting. But what is that strange machine that appears in photos 105, 1378, 1482 & 1525? It appears to be some sort of power bogie with cables attached and is hauling an open bogie wagon with a lot of people in it.

Brian Rumary

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