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I have looked at Rod’s images. The scene looks to be very much the same as it was when I had a special tour of the facilities in June 2004. It was late in the day when I got there, so it wasn’t great for photography and I only got a few photos in before it was too dark. As I recollect, I didn’t report on this ‘proposed tourist railway’ in LR on the grounds that it was NZ ‘territory’, although I did include a report in the ‘Continental Railway Journal’.


At the time of my visit, I formed the opinion that the project would never get off the ground, which pretty much sums upthe Cook Islands!


Bob McKillop


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Fascinating stuff...




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Hi John,

The story as I know it is at:

Rod Hutchinson

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They are very interesting photos, Rod. I wasn't expecting to see a genuine steam loco.  




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I visited the Cook Islands in Nov 2012 and found a privately built railway located on the island of Rarotonga.  Planned as a tourist railway it has fallen into disrepair and has only 100m of track.

Some pictures:

Rod Hutchinson



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