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Hello John

The Brush Falcon Works were rather busy in 1896/1897!

In those years they produced no less than 20 O/F 4-4-0s for the Beira

These were from 254 to 273 so that :

1. doesn't leave much room for the Stannary Hills locos
2. Fits in with 292/3 being built at the later date.

Ron M.

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From: John Dennis
Date: 24/08/2006 9:41:32 PM
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Subject: [LRRSA] Stannary Hills "Falcon" locos

I have had some concerns about the build year of these two locomotives
for some time - the builders numbers are 292/293. "Rocky Bluff to
Denmark" and the earlier LRs say they were built in 1897, which always
seemed odd when construction of the tramway wasn't commenced until
1900, with the line opening in 1902. George Bond's ARHS Bulletin
article claims 1902.

The builders plate visible on the side-on view of 293 running on the
tramway quite clearly shows 1901 as the year of construction.

Correspondence received just today from the UK says that 1901 "fits"
very well: Works no 290 and 291 are recorded as being supplied to
North Borneo in 1900, 302 was an electric loco of 1903 so 292 and
293 seem to fit nicely in the sequence.

It's also interesting that an 1896 publication named "Light Railways"
and seen on eBay had a photograph of a loco almost identical to those
delivered to Stannary Hills. Sadly the bid-price became too high for
me. My correspondent did not believe that a loco such as these would
have been built on-spec, which in itself raises questions as to
whether there might have been one (or more) similar locos somewhere in
the world.

All comments gladly accepted...


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