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Michael C.

It's funny you should mention the 'do-nuts' as when I visited the Kirklees Light Railway I asked the very same question...
Apparently everyone asks the same question too. LOL!
I was told they were for the Leeds Guided Busway...
When pressed, I was informed the do-nuts were part of the springing / suspension arrangements. and click on Owl provides more information on the loco.
Hope this helps.
Michael Chapman

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If you are a fan of strange articulated locomotives, you might enjoy the set from the 15" gauge Kirklees Light Railway.

Very interesting!
However I have a question regarding the black-painted loco OWL. This seems to be a mix of Heisler and Climax articulated types, but what are those grey "doughnuts" fixed to the bottom of the bogie frames, just inboard if the wheels?

Brian Rumary

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