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Michael C.

Thank you.
I realise this is quite an accademic group that does historical research so you might not appreciate my emals plugging photos in the UK...
With this in mind, and to try and get back on topic, I've uploaded some photos from Australia.
Here is an album from my last visit to Puffing Billy.
I've also uploaded a set from the Walhalla Goldfields Railway fom 2010.
Maybe it's just me, but there is something wonderfully romantic about exploring old railway trackbeds; that amazing sense that trains once trains ran here... and wondering if they'll ever return. Some of the shots of the old trestle bridges and trackbed beyond Thomson are very evocative.
The day I was there was VERY wet and quite dangerous and I was grateful Michael Leaney was free to show us the trackbed. I wouldn't recommend crossing that big bridge without exercising extreme caution.
Michael Chapman

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The cars certainly are classics; the open one is a rare Citroen Mehari, and the hatch is a Citroen Ami Super.

And luverly trainpix too, thanks again Michael

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