Re: : Newmarket saleyards

Bill Russell

G'day All.

I recall that the sidings were a fair way from the saleyards. There was a road with a
dedicated bridge over Smithfield /Racecourse Road where the animals were driven
to the salleyards. I can't find an old map that shows this unfortunately.

I do recall driving under that bridge in heavy rain, the cowshit dribbled through the
decking onto all them cars beneath.



Hi David,

You're correct, the cattle and sheep sidings where were the supermarket, and also the curved
block of flats that follows the showgrounds line trains now stand.

The following links fro Mark Bau's excellent VR site will (hopefully) take you to the Newmarket
track plan.

There are some photos, I think on the Public Records Office website, that show the unloading of


Ian J

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