Newmarket saleyards

Marie and David Lowe

Not a Light Railways issue, but.... 
My daughter has recently moved to the Newmarket area in Melbourne, so have become curious as to where the railway siding was for unloading stock. There are historic interpretive signs about the actual market and stock market style fencing on designated walks in the developed residential area, one informing the reader that cattle were herded along Market Street. From where, how?
Google informs me that trains were reversed from near Kensington to the siding and wagons unloaded.
Was/is, the Racecourse/Showgrounds line part of that siding which veers off just after Newmarket station? It seems it probably was where the supermarket complex now stands. South of Newmarket is a long embankment so the siding must have been to the north.
I would be very appreciative if some light could be shed on this.
 Thanks David

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